How To Look at Chortles

  is best enjoyed after considering the following.

"Like rich dark chocolate bon bons, enjoy delicious Chortles in responsible moderation"

We are serious about quality humor.  

Have you ever downed a whole box of bon bons and had a difficult time getting the last few down?  The more you eat and the faster you eat, the more the bon bons lose their wonderful flavor.

If you read Chortles too fast, they will likewise lose their flavor.

The proper eating of a bon bon begins with its chocolaty aroma.  Then there is the first taste.  You close your eyes and feel the delicious bon bon flavor spread over your tongue.  The bon bon begins to melt in your mouth and your sensory pleasure is maximized.  Mmmmm.  Delicious.

Isn't this a lot better than downing bon bons one after another so fast that they pass your taste buds almost undetected?  You betcha.

Read Chortles the same way.  First, look at the picture.  The images themselves often convey a delightful, strange, or amusing incident.  Enjoy it!  This is the first taste of the Chortle.  Then read the caption.  Relate it to the picture and, like the slow eating of bon bons, your sensory pleasures will be maximized!

Our webmaster, brother Mani Haha, says Chortles are like a good song.  The picture is a catchy tune and the caption is the lyrics.  Just like not everyone likes a song, not everyone gets every Chortle. But that's okay.  There will be others that will crack you up.  Yet others will make you smile and nod your head in agreement.

Enjoy the Chortles.  There are hundreds.  But if they start to run together and all cease to have meaning, stop!  Remember,

"Like rich dark chocolate bon bons, enjoy delicious Chortles in responsible moderation"

Read Chortles the right way - and be of good cheer!

Charlie (the Chortle) HaHa,
Head Writer
Certified Chortlemaster Second Class

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How Best to Enjoy Chortles.

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